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UK Prevention of illegal Working

Immigration Compliance

Prevention of illegal working applies to all UK employers and includes a civil penalty scheme, criminal penalties and restrictions on sponsoring non-EEA nationals to work in the UK.

Prevention of illegal working

If you do not seek the proper permission to employ workers from overseas, as well as undertake all prescribed documentation checks, you are liable for fines of up to £20,000 per worker and, in some cases, even imprisonment.

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Talk to one of our Immigration experts who will happy to answer any questions you may to include booking an inhouse training session for you and your employees.

It is now becoming increasing incumbent on employers to improve not only their own knowledge but also that of their key human resource staff to avoid huge penalties.

Immigration compliance training 

We understand the complexities that are associated with recruiting non-EU workers and international students. To help you we provide comprehensive in-house immigration compliance training.

Our immigration training covers all areas of UK immigration law and we also tailor our training to specific organisational and immigration requirements. Popular training courses include:

  • Understanding immigration law
  • Maintaining accurate records
  • Monitoring migrants under the Points Based System
  • How to meet your sponsor duties
  • The categories of permission

The aim of our immigration training is to provide practical illustrations of the law, ensuring that your operational practices are consistently compliant with regulations and refrain from illegal working.