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Welcome to the Optimus Law Blog, where you will find updates from our admin and our CEO, plus pieces that showcase work from around the organisation to highlight the expertise of our staff and wider network.

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Forget Brexit – Britain is booming

Right in the heart of England is the UK’s ‘second city’ – Birmingham. It’s attracting record levels of investment domestically and from abroad. Billions of Dollars have been spent on infrastructure development and the country has the highest employment levels on record. It’s a familiar story in Britain – but one the press is reluctant […]

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GDPR – A simple guide for businesses

 What is GDPR? The GDPR is the new framework for data protection laws for businesses in the EU replacing the previous directive and the current law the UK is based upon. After four years of discussion and negotiation, it was adopted by both the European Parliament and the European Council. When will it take effect? […]

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home secretary

Will ‘hostile environment’ continue under new Home Secretary Sajid Javid

Savid Javid becomes Home Secretary Sajid Javid has been named as the new Home Secretary after Amber Rudd’s resignation. He is the son of a Pakistani bus driver whose family came to the UK in the 1960s. His previous post was communities, local government and housing secretary. The Home Secretary Amber Rudd has resigned, saying […]

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windrush generation

Windrush Generation | Theresa May apologises for deport threats

The Prime Minister has been genuinely apologetic about the anxiety caused by threatening those of the Windrush generation with deportation. The Windrush generation are those who arrived in the UK between 1948 and 1971 from Caribbean countries to assist the UK with work shortages. The Home Office has provided revised guidance updated on 17th April […]

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EU Migration falls as UK businesses fear skills shortage

For the first time since 2013, annual EU Migration fell below 100,000 according to the Office for National Statistics. The figures added to the growing evidence that the evermore decreasing rate of EU Migration from Europe is putting a strain on employers looking for skilled workers in the UK. “With vacancies at an all-time high […]

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Firm New Year, 2017, 2018, new year

2017 Round Up of Events: A Year to Celebrate?

2017. A Year to Celebrate? The year 2017 began with an air of great uncertainty as Britain’s fledgling Prime Minister pondered what to do about article 50, Donald Trump prepared for his inauguration and a series of general elections in Europe threatened to dismantle the European, liberal post-war consensus. Spring awakenings After his inauguration, President […]

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Immigration Law Changes

Statement of changes to the Immigration Rules HC535

7th December 2017 saw further changes being brought, book a consultation with us to see if the changes have any affect on your Immigration status. A quick summary of the changes is as follow Refugees New cessation policy Refugee leave and status distinguished Exclusion from refugee status Asylum claims by EU citizens Tier 1 Tier […]

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brexit eea nationality Theresa may brexit immigration

Brexit EEA Nationality : Is immigration threatening to isolate the PM?

Brexit  EEA Nationality: Are these two words isolating the PM? The topic of UK immigration has never been far from the top of the news agenda since 2016’s EU Referendum result with Brexit EEA Nationality at the centre of the debate. EEA Nationals want answers! Whether it’s the City becoming spooked about what future limitations […]

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Immigration Law: marriage india pakistan

Tis the season to be married

As many will be aware, in the current climate immigration is a hot topic with a general perception that there is a need to drive down the number of people immigrating to the UK. The Government has been thinking about putting a cap on the numbers of those allowed to come into the UK for […]

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Immigration Removal Centres: Abuse, Deportation and Exploitation

A fresh scandal relating to immigration in the UK has come to light, as a result of an undercover BBC Panorama investigation.

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Hiring and Employing Foreign Nationals Within the UK

In 2016, 11% of the UK labour market were non-UK nationals; EU nationals contributed 7% and non-EU nationals 4%, according to the latest release of the ONS ‘International immigration and the labour market’ report.

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Immigration lawyers

UK business recruitment: home or away?

UK business recruitment: home or away? Many UK companies need to employ staff from overseas for occupations they cannot fill using domestic staff. However, the rules on business immigration are complex and strict, with serious penalties and ramifications for those that fail to comply. It is therefore important to make sure that any workers living […]

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united kingdom

Kickstart guide to Nationality laws in UK

Kickstart guide to Nationality laws in UK Laws for nationality in UK keep changing time to time. It is therefore paramount for a person seeking the UK nationality to keep him or herself abreast of the current situation and ensure that they are following the regulations to the letter. We have gathered some key requirements […]

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Time for calm reflection on Brexit

Time for calm reflection on EU citizens right to remain  Despite the UK government announcing in June that none of the three million EU citizens currently residing in the UK would be asked to leave – and clear confirmation that permanent right to remain is available to those having lived and worked in the UK […]

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Big Johns Mela

Optimus Law at Big Johns Mela 2017

The highly anticipated Big Johns Mela was held at Cannon Hill Park last Sunday celebrating 70 years of Independence for both Pakistan and India and a massive 70, 000 visitors attended on the day to enjoy the live performances, funfair, food court and exhibitions held by businesses and traders from around the country. Our team […]

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Marriage Visa

New Ruling Brings Opportunity for Marriage Visa Applicants

  A Spouse Visa applies when a partner is married and would like to join the spouse, Husband/wife in the UK. In order to meet the requirements, the British spouse must meet the following requirements: Financial requirements –  £18,600 additional if they have non British children Accommodation requirements Marriage subsisting test The Supreme Court ruling […]

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home secretary

Indefinite Leave to Remain – Here to stay

Indefinite Leave to Remain: An Overview Indefinite Leave to Remain, or Permanent Residence, grants you as an individual the right to live and work in the UK without any immigration restrictions, and entitles you to apply for naturalisation as a British citizen. Once you have been granted indefinite leave to remain there are no restrictions […]

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european brexit flag

Does Brexit really mean Brexit?

After a tricky campaign, can the PM now say that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ ? The elections end in Hung Parliament Thresa May, despite running what is widely regarded as a poor and madly managed campaign. As we look ahead we may see internal wrangling within the Conservative Party about her style and her inability to […]

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Will the vicar’s daughter protect employee rights after Brexit?

One of the many Brexit uncertainties the business community faces is the potential impact on labour law and employer obligations. Theresa May has repeatedly said that she will, “…ensure that workers’ rights are fully protected and maintained.” Yet, in her January 2017 New Statesman article, the Labour MP Melanie Onn spoke of how Tory MP’s used filibustering to […]

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employers coloured figures professional lawyers

Employers – are you ready for Brexit changes?

Employers – are you Brexit ready? With Brexit looming in the near future many businesses are finding the unknown very frustrating. An area which has caused much debate is immigration into the UK. For employers, this can mean many different things. Optimus Law presents a step by step guide for applying for a sponsorship licence. On 18 […]

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Retain your Freedom of Movement with an Irish Passport

Retain your Freedom of Movement with a Irish Passport Since the triggering of “Article 50” there has been a surge in Irish passport applications. For those with Irish relatives, the question we hear most frequently is: “can I get an Irish passport?” Since the Republic of Ireland is not part of Great Britain, their status […]

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Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Advice

Your Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Advice: Optimus Law

Looking to invest in the UK? Get the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Advice to make it happen! If so, you need Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Advice from the experts, Optimus Law.  Here are some helpful hints to obtain a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. Be sure to check if you meet the requirements before submitting your application. […]

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Setting UP Business in UK - Points based system Explained -Optimus Law

Setting UP Business in UK – Points based system UK Explained

Individuals wishing to enter the UK with the intention of setting up a business in the UK will need a UK Business Visa. Immigration Rules / Criteria: Non UK National Applicants must have access to at least £200,000 investment funds to apply for a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa. Funds must be: Held in one or […]

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immigration visa lawk

Home Office introduces Operation Nexus

Operation Nexus is relevant for those foreign Nationals who may have been arrested for criminal offences or have remained in the UK beyond their lawful leave. Operation Nexus basically applies to the following individuals: 1.Nexus Custody – Immigration Officers (IOs) deployed to designated police custody suites to examine all foreign nationals who are arrested. Cases identified […]

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illegal working changes

Illegal working changes: Employers are you aware?

Employers are you aware? Illegal working changes are in action!  Illegal working changes mean  premises that sell alcohol or provide late night refreshment came into force in England and Wales on 21 April 2017. Under the measures, brought in as part of the Immigration Act 2016, immigration checks will be part of the process for […]

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spouse visa advice

Spouse Visa Advice: Learn the Changes for Spouses of British Citizens

Spouse Visa Advice: Learn the Changes! We want our clients to know what may affect their applications so we have created some FAQs which we tend to hear a lot in the initial spouse visa advice sessions. The government announced on 3 November 2016 a new English language requirement at level A2 of the Common […]

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home secretary

Applying for a spouse visa? Here are some helpful hints

Here are some helpful tips if you are in the process of, or considering, applying for a spouse visa in the UK. English Language Test If you are taking the ILETS, ensure you pick the test which allows for your qualification to be verified online. Passport Ensure you have two clear sides on your passport […]

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